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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Three Panel Patch Cushion Cover

Three panel patch cushion cover

For this project you will need
  • 10 x 36" of each of 3 different fabrics
  • Paper for the pattern
  • 24 x 32" piece of fabric for the backing
  • 22" square cushion pad
Step 1
  • Draw and cut a rectangle of paper 8 x 3" to make the pattern. Using this cut 9 rectangles from each piece of the 3 fabrics, so you have 27 in total. Lay out a design and then sew 2 of rectangles together. 
I numbered and labelled my rows so I wouldn't forget the pattern

Laying the fabrics in my chosen design

Pinning two together and sewing 

  • Next sew on the 3rd rectangle and press all your seams open. Continue this to create 9 patchwork blocks. 
Three sewn together press the seams open

  • Arrange the blocks so they lay horizontally, vertically and the 3rd square horizontally again. With right sides together pin and stitch three of the blocks together to form a strip.

  • Sew the next strip vertically, horizontally and vertically and the last strip the same as the first 
I chose to put my blocks into a mirroring pattern.

  • With right sides together pin and stitch the 3 strips together in the right order to create the front of the cushion. Press the seams open. 
  • To make the back of the cushion cover, cut two rectangles measuring 23 x 16". Fold over 1/2" along one straight edge then again by a further 1 1/4 " . Pin and stitch close to the first fold on both pieces. 
For my back panels I used hemming tape and then sewed along the edge

  • Lay the patchwork panel right side up and lay one of the back panels over it right sides together, lining up the raw edges. Pin this down. Lay the other piece onto the panel, again lining up the raw edges so the hemmed edges overlap. 
  • Pin and stitch all the way round, snip off the corners and turn the right way out. Press the cover and insert your pillow pad 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial too. If you make it please leave me a comment =D