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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Even more progress

Yes that's right still trudging along with the Hexie Project. Adding one row at a time. I've gotten a lot faster at putting them together now, after getting used to the folding and making sure my corners match up! Just 4 more rows to go and it will be complete!!

Before I show you the picture here's another project I said I would be starting this month. Using the scraps I got from Danny over at Mommy For Reals. I chopped them down further along with some of my own scraps, using the tutorial from Completely Cauchy to make some of my own

The scraps I got from Danny
Chopping them down hindsight I should have kept some pieces longer for the outside edges!!
 My first block..a bit of a mess as I didn't sew down the pieces in the right direction
 My second one turned out much better as I used more pieces
 I like how this one turned out too, the corners are really tricky to match up with!
 I used some of the larger pieces for this one the top corner was missing so I added a further cut scrap for that...shhhhhhhh!
 Using some of the rectangular pieces that couldn't match up to any other edge
I love how they turned out and will be making more during the week.

Now another peak at the Hexie Project. Just 4 more rows to go =D