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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More Charity shop buys

Today we were sent home from work early......again....they have also terminated my temporary contract, due to there not being much work. My last day is this Friday 23rd! *Sigh* Time to find a new job....anyone know any good ones going in the UK.....I'd love to work in a fabric shop! Good thing I saved some money up =D

My dear friend Fi and I came up with the idea to open our own online shop....this won't be until next year however as we're taking this year to build up some money...make the items we want to sell and gain some perspective in the selling world. We know what we want to sell-Handmade items...most of mine sewn and hers will be cool candles and picture items.
So I've been looking around for some interesting glasses to use for the candles..We plan to make jelly candles as well as wax ones!

So onto the glasses....they ranged from 20p to 30p each. The glasses in the last picture have one more in each glass..

I also got a few buttons from the charity shop! 5p each!!

I also completed the last two black/brown Granny square is the blue/green set =D

And another sneaky look into Hexie Project 2