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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Still about

I haven't been blogging much, mainly because I've been reading so many blogs. Gathering inspiration, finding cool new tutorials to add to my bookmarked list....of which I really need to start cutting down once I print something.
It's been a slow week. Still working on my Hexie project, of which I haven't uploaded the pictures for yet HA!
Been itching to order some fabrics after seeing everyone posting about new fabric lines and discount offers....only I've been banned!!!
How can you be banned from buying fabric you ask? 7-8 or so in the morning well after you leave to go to work ( I leave at half five-ish) everyone else is still at home asleep! Your mother and younger brother leave next. Which then leaves your Father and Older Brother....both of which are still in bed. The post-man rings the bell...loudly your Father claims and he and your brother have to rush downstairs to answer it......I really didn't order that much...
Half the items were in flat envelopes which could have been posted through the letter box, but postmen like to be awkward and ring the bell!! Plus all the items were delivered within a week or so!
So now when sitting peacefully on your laptop your Father comes and harasses  you asking if you're ordering anything and not leaving till he is convinced you aren't .......tempting you to order something just to get on his nerves. HA!!
My fabric stash is seriously dwindling.....sure I can check out charity shops and buy sheets and such...but they are just not the same as that gorgeous designer fabric.....Men will never understand a quilters need for such things!!