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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What have I done today??

Now that is a good question....these pictures will help explain things better. This is the pillow for the Pleated Boxes Pillow-Sew can find the button to the right in my still have 12 days to make a pillow of your pop on over and get sewing!! There are prizes people PRIZES!!

This was the finished pillow before I added in the stuffing...I didn't have the proper filler so thought using some old shirts and such would work as well
 Turning the pillow form case right side out...How I love this part =D
 I must have added too much stuffing, though saying that the pillow still looked flat. On top of that it burst all my lovely pleats. As I'd already put the back on I couldn't machine stitch it. It was a pain removing the pillow form...good thing I hadn't stitched it closed so could pull out some of the filling
 So I hand sewed it instead and this is how it looks now..I actually like the pleats better hand sewn, =D. I plan to buy some beanbag stuffing and make a nice beany pillow instead =D
I'm also in the process of making another..the one above will be for Mummy dearest for when she is studying, though she'll get it for mother's day...along with one of the pouches I've made. I'll post the fabrics for the new another sneak peak of The Hexie project tomorrow =D