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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Urghhhhhh Factor

Woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE!! My throat was on fire, my head felt like someone had hit me over it. However I still got up and got ready for work...lasted the day and was soooo glad to leave at 2 and come home. I planned not to spend too long at my local shop square, but I went into the 'pound shop' and found some pillow forms 18" squares for just £2!!! I bought just the one to use for my Pleated boxes pillow rather than searching the net for stuffing!!
I cut  it open and removed some of the filling as it was too big to go inside my pillow. The rest will be saved for the other pillow I plan to make. I also started on another snap pouch for my Mother as a Mother's day present. I'll also be giving her the pillow to go along with it. I have made a start on the second pillow cutting all the squares!!
Also another sneak peak into the Hexie Project!!

The pleats are seriously annoying!! My machine wont sew over them for some bizarre reason as it hates folds...including seams and hand sewing them caused them to pop when I added the stuffing. Any suggestions??
 The set of strips for the second pillow. I love these fabrics!! Check my bought fabric page for the names and designers =D
 All the squares and strips ready to go. Added in the echo prints for the extra squares

It's not yet complete there is still 1 row to go. I was feeling to tired to add the last row in, but by tomorrow this top will be done....then I just need to press it.....find a backing I like....suggestions are very welcome and then remove all 72 of the papers =D