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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday night sewing

It's me again! I did warn you I'd be back and here I am.
I managed to get some sewing done as well as many other random things. Saturday's so busy now!

I added some buttons onto the snap pouches! The Giant picked them out for me.
 I cut my 16 patches, ready to be rearranged and put back together. 2 blocks from 1!

Then I had to stop and make dinner!
Tomorrow my Father wanted me to go boot fair with him....I don't know about that he said he'd wake me at 4!!!  I also have another driving lesson at half 2ish! Eeeeeeeeeep! Strange how my life has taken a totally different turn! =D
Father also came in and asked how much I'd be selling each thing be honest I have no idea. Mother suggested the snap pouches should be about £5 each and the Zippered ones £7 each...the quilts are another price story! =D