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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday already! Another swap me thinks!

Hot damn where does the week go! I spend so much time sewing these days it's like the weeks just whizz by!
Being at home now and not working has actually been great for me. I'm getting much more sewing done and feel a lot more relaxed. I do want to find another job, but right now I'm happy!

Before going driving I was raiding the net for fabric! I know it's all that's on my mind lately..a little obsessed? I'll join a help group...."Hello I  be's Cheraldine and I'm addicted to quilting and buying fabric."  ...."Hi Cheraldine...."

So I went on Etsy and found thisthis and these. I like mystery bundles and the fabrics I don't like or that don't fit with my stash I swap! So it works out great for me and for the lucky person who swaps with me! I need to build up my stash quite a lot. So if there are any shops with great BUNDLE deals then please post here with them.
So I went driving...I'm getting better with me steering now! Being in the right lane is another story!
When I got back in twas more searching for fabric and sewing up my 16 patch blocks!

All nicely cut and trimmed. Love these blocks!

I also finished off Mothers pillow! She chose a deep blue fabric for the back.

Read on for the swaps =D

I was looking through my stash and found all these 2.5" squares-130 in total- I still haven't used yet. I don't even think I'll use them. So I'm looking to swap them for either charms in the same amount or scraps to make up the amount.

I also have these pink 4.5" squares too. There are 40 of them in total. I'm not really into pink so looking to swap these out for some other colours, no blue-have way too much blue.
So that's what's on offer today...Lol knowing me I'll find other things!

Fabric 1 and 3 from yesterday are still available to swap view them here

Also has anyone sold at a market or have an Etsy shop? If so please email me, it would help me a great deal. Labels for quilts, where do you buy them from? I need some for my items and have no idea where the best place to get them from is.
Thanks a bunch =D