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Monday, 16 April 2012

Swap Shop! and a Disappearing act...

Today marks the opening of my blog Swap Shop! In my top bar you'll see the tab for it. Click here for more information =D
It was easier to make a page so they're all neatly in one place than post and they get lost with new entries.

Today was a slow day actually. I managed to get some cutting and sewing done. I was laying out my disappearing 16 patches all ready to make another 2 quilt tops. Looking at the size I thought hmmmm these should be longer, so they can be used for lap quilts instead of baby quilts. So temporarily I added 6 more blocks to them. I liked the length and the width was perfect! (sorry no pictures).
I didn't have any more of the original squares I used left so I decided to use my gingham and solid fabrics to make 6 more large blocks, which when cut and re-sewn would give me the 12 extra I needed.

Here's how they turned out and all cut and ready to sew up again!

The colours 7 3" squares of each

The blocks. I tried to mix the going to be center blocks as evenly as possible so when cut they wouldn't match too much
The 2nd block was sewn with an error....since it's being cut I wasn't to bothered to change it

At the cutting mat.The sneaky cutter getting in....he was absent for the last picture. No I haven't trimmed the edges..which is very important to do!

Looking in the kitchen I found a tin for all my buttons and notions =D

Well that's it from me today...maybe tomorrow will be a tad more productive.....I'll be making plans for the Carnival too =D