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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Extreme Makeover-My Sewing Space Edition!+GIVEAWAY

Today the alien that...My Father said I really needed a proper table in my room to sew on. The one I was using had to be propped up on boxes to be at the height I needed.
So in pictures is my sewing space before. Yes I know it looks a mess, but I did know where everything was.

My Father did some work at a charity shop warehouse and suggested we go there to see if I could find a table. I knew exactly what kind of table I wanted. Above anything it had to have draws! We looked round the back and found the one featured! It was a little damaged, but nothing some super glue couldn't fix!
So now my new sewing space
The table is 3ft7 long by 2ft3 wide and high

My cutting mat now has a space to rest, along with some tubs and jars for scraps

Under table shelving to hold my sewing boxes, baskets and tubs

Top draw for my always used chocolates, but buttons!

My fabric box of FQ's

Another Box of FQ's and the smaller box houses thread and ribbon

The previous sewing table now home to my sketchbooks and fabric remnants 

Meters and half meter fabric

The print 1/2 yards and some cold meats (sweets)

Jano with his current cover...

Jano without the cover
The table has an inside shelving unit...which wasn't attached when we got the table so that had to be fixed back on. Three deep draws, which now hold my fabric boxes. I can easily get to my tower and that has fabric in it too. The table I used to sew on is now beside can see how low it was and how much it needed propping! Jano is very happy with having a table to sit on now.

So now onto the GIVEAWAY.
One lucky person will receive a charm pack or half yard of their choice, shipped directly to their home from the website. All you have to do is correctly guess how much the table cost UK price. The person who guesses either the exact amount or closest to it wins. This will stay open until the 21st. I'll pick a winner and email the person for their address.
Good luck! =D