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Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday Monday!

Today Hasn't been very productive I must admit! I got distracted by the TV, which is so unlike me! I did get some small things done however. I washed and ironed the flannels ready to be made into baby burp/washcloths!
I also started on another charm quilt....And got another row of my Hexies sewn together. I really need to go shopping to get some sheets for the back of my quilts so I can finish them off!

Oh but first a few pictures of the fist ever quilt I made-My dear younger brother had it!
I put this together randomly with no real pattern at all. It's made from old jumpers I had that got too small. They were quite thin so sewing them up was easy. Some squares are from a bag of fabrics my Friends mother gave me....I still have some of those fabrics and squares!
I didn't measure it properly as I was making it, but it fits a double or queen sized bed! I had to use my parents bed for the photo.
If I was making it again...I'd use a proper pattern! =D

The flannels cut and ready. I plan to make 10 burp/was cloths

The start of my next charm quilt...make note the HST row is not currently longer than the other rows....once I sewed them up they were a slight shorter than them! My machine went funny and wasn't sewing as I wanted....I'll have to sort it tomorrow! These charms are from the Sandy Gervais-Sassy collection

Also to add the first 4 rows of my MAM Hexie project 3 more then I can put them together....Though I'm thinking of making 4 blocks and putting them together....