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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What a busy day!

I was woken up somewhere between 8-9 by my dear father. You just have to love early wake up calls right? Who's with of hands...I see you there in the back!
So he needed my help to make a boat load...well box in this case of Jamaican Easter Bun!! We've practically been making them all day! I did manage to squeeze some time in to dismantle the bottom of my machine to properly clean the feed dogs! Plus make up my 3rd charm quilt top and lay out another one using the Welcome to Bear country charm pack found here. My mother also put in a request for a pillow! Good thing there were enough charms left over! 
Please read on =D

I'm sure you're wondering how to make the buns you can find the recipe by clicking here. We had to times that by 4 and ended up making like 5 or more batches as my Mother's friends put in orders! We may have to make some more for the relatives tomorrow but that is still  a question marked area!  Here's what we made..the box is full...there were still 3 more cooling and 2 in the oven! We could only make 3 at a time as the other tins burnt the last ones we made! Foolish cheap baking tin products! My father knows better now!

Before all that Bun making I received 2 more of my swap fabrics! The first package from Marian at Lady Face  and the Second from Al at {sew} Allegorical. Have cut into all but the Paris Cats! Love that fabric!

So that somewhat brightened the early wake up!
My now finished quilt top, which was easier to sew after cleaning the machine! Despite what the picture shows I must admit the pinwheel points don't all match up! I did them before I cleaned the machine so they didn't sew up the way I wanted ...I could of unpicked them, but they actually looked cool all wonky!
If I haven't mentioned it before these are from the Sassy-by Sandy Gervais Charm pack found here

I also laid out the charms for the 4th quilt. Love this charm pack so I ordered two of them! The link can be found at the top of the post. The 2nd and 4th row have been matched up with pale blue charms ready to be HST's..Just need to think up a pattern...possibly chevrons....

So that's what I've been up to today! Please let me know if you make any of the Easter Buns for yourself, would love to see how yours turned don't have to make as many as we did =D

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