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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Scraps away!

Yes I've been using up more of my scraps! They need to go down....Though I'm not sure I helped by ordering a 6yard scrap bag.....Anyhoo we won't talk about that until it arrives!
Until that gets here I'm trying to use up all the ones I currently have. Its only a small sandwich bag at the moment...well the ones I'm trying to use anyways...
So I dumped them out onto my cutting mat...the gingham ones from yesterday out too and got making some more scrappy blocks! I'll keep going until all scraps are used ! I got 5 done today as well as finishing two items for swaps (sorry no pictures until they have been sent)

I thought I'd take them as they currently are. Untrimmed, not been ironed yet.....I'll get round to that when the bag is done....then all the new scraps will be used too! Why did I think this was a great idea?
Oh yes they're for another project I'll soon start....once I get some more zippers....

Weekend shopping is a go! I rang my Aunt and she said yes to taking me round London again., My Brother will be joining me as he has to go visit my Uncle on special request!
I'll be back tomorrow with even more progress!..well maybe =P

Psst don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!! where you could win a charm pack or half yard/meter of your choice =D