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Sunday, 20 May 2012

GOODIES for me and Maybe for you too!

You probably know the story with my Father....He goes to boot fair twice a week and comes back with random sewing stuff for me to either use or swap? Yes you remember? GREAT!

Well today was one of those days and he bought back more than expected! Warning the following post has lots of pictures....but you prefer them to words don't you! =D

Around 93 spools/reels of thread in a range of colours

Some wool thread...

A close up of the threads and colours

More threads

More threads

Even more threads

Still more!

More still

Yeah you get it now!

Mini reels

An assortment of needles

Some more needles

Various snaps and some hook and eyes

Magic snaps.....and adjustable hook straps

Elastic thread with instructions

Mini sewing kit Mother has claimed

The contents

Err yeah I have no idea what this is for!

Buckles, thread...a mini wallet and a small mending kit

Inside of the mending kit

The box of fabric...

By the end I didn't have the strength left to pull all the fabric out of the box. There are a lot of floral prints GAH! Some stripes....gingham...some Thomas the tank engine scraps....some Jemimah Puddle duck scraps...Pretty much the whole box is large oddly cut scraps..strange though as a lot of the prints are the same....Father wonders if she purposely cut them that way....It remains a mystery.

Now the good thing about all that is that you can have some of it! I'll tell you exactly how tomorrow!
I know I wont use all 93 bobbins of thread! There are a few packs of needles. I sure wont use the buckles, the snaps pictured (don't worry I have some for myself). Or all those floral prints!

So pop back here tomorrow and some of these things could be yours! =D