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Saturday, 19 May 2012


Today was shopping in the late morning as usual. They have changed the shop layout which is always a pain when what you were looking to buy has moved to some random locations!

Getting back home I was able to finish sewing down all the circles on my MSM Swap Item
My partner requested a sewing machine cover. She liked a range of colours. Reading most of her comments she like a lot of different styles. I didn't want to go too fussy so stuck with to fabric choices. Gingham and Solids. I used some ultra cute ribbon for the ties. Jano agreed to model it.

After finishing that I was able to actually relax and catch up on two other things I totally love! Sketching and painting. 

I bought some fabric pens and couldn't wait to try them out. These blocks are my favourite pink/purple fabrics. Loulouthi, Momo and the others I don't know the designers.....
I found some actual tracing paper to get the sizing right for some specific elements in each fabric. I still have to sew down the Polaroids...but thought best to add the decorative touches first. I have one more block to decorate then these will be done (for now anyway!) I'll show final pictures once the last block is complete. I'm thinking a mix of acrylics and the pens. 
These are the polariods ignore the rest of the fabric that was a before dyeing shot! 
These were actually all scrap pieces I have sitting in a box...The MAM box that is.....

Then I rounded up the evening by making dinner (pasta bolognese bake, fish pie for the boys) and whilst that was cooking sewing up my 2nd D16 quilt top!

It is sewn together now..I just have the end sashing to cut and sew on. I had to unpick a row as the sashing wasn't straight at all! I was not amused! I've learnt now to use more pins! Then I can cut the wadding and backing...and start on quilting. Any quilting ideas?