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Friday, 18 May 2012

Wooooo two more FINISHES!!!

I'm so happy to get things finished. Cross them off my list and pull out a few more projects to begin.
I'd like to say hand binding is actually fairly relaxing....Jano did the top....with a few moody moments and I did the back =D

Both quilts measure 21x32"...well about that give or take an inch. The fabrics used are random ones I got in a bundle. I couldn't tell you the can see them on my bought fabrics page.The backing is a two-sided bed-sheet
Picture time!!

Quilt 1. Outside was drizzling so I stayed in the conservatory and pinned it up with clothes pegs to the blinds.

Quilt 2. This was the one Jano'll see some close ups soon.

The detail mosaic.
1. My hand sewn back binding
2.The detail hand sewing of the 2 middle blocks quilt 1
3. Perfect corners! (yes I had to read like 3 different tutorials!)
4. The detail hand quilting on the two middle blocks quilt 2
5. The corner thanks to Jano, I had already sewn the other side to unpick it would have been a nightmare!
6. Quilt 1 binding. Folded
7. Quilt 2 binding. Rolled

Yes I imagine if the quilt was bigger the rolled effect would look so much better! I have some bigger quilts in the making!
So now this is my current list of WIPs
D16 more to sew into a top. I like working in pairs.
The last charm quilt to quilt and bind-binding is made!
My MAM hexie project....unloved and neglected....oh dear
Disappearing granny blocks which will eventually become mug rugs.

I also have my BOM block to do......yeah....

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Tomorrow I'll be finishing up some swap things ready to go in the post on Monday =D