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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Out in the Garden!!

Today was a busy sewing day.

To start my day I got some fabric and zips in the mail from Helen. Loving the polka dots! I see some binding in it's future.

First to finish up were the heart pillow/cushion tops from yesterday. They just need to be stuffed then they'll be properly completed. I backed them with some other floral material Father picked up a few weeks ago.

I then managed to finish attaching the sashing to the 2nd D16 quilt top. It was such a nice day out, so I  grabbed my camera and went into the garden to take these pictures. As you can see the wind wanted to join in too. The wadding is now cut, just have to choose some backing fabric...the binding fabrics are ready and waiting..

Some other things. My new slippers. The tins Father got with the other stuff, I was going to cover them, but I've chosen to leave them as they are.
I've cut backing and wadding to use the disappearing granny blocks I made back in March...
I was having a look through the Zakka Style book and the sewing kit caught my eye. So I grabbed my linens and got cutting, just have to pick out some lining fabrics.

If you haven't headed over already, don't forget to check out my new swap going on here
Siya'll tomorrow =D