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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You've got to pick a pocket or two!

It had to be done! (by no means do I intend for anyone to go out and try this. It's the 21st century now!)

So today I made the binding for my D16 quilts so that it's out of the way...I just hope I made enough...I still have to back and quilt them...

I turned all the triangular pieces into HSTs before cutting them off..There are 84 of them...

Then I got to work on step 2 and 3 of the Disappearing Granny mug rugs..

I decided on making some pockets for them...remember to make the hole you leave for turning big enough! My un-picker got in on this project.

A mistake! So I had to whip up another one..took less than 5 mins. The print was pinned to the inside. Before turning I unhooked the pin and pushed it through the turning hole.

The finished pockets ready to attach to each rug. The colour print is an extra pocket, once sewn down this pocket can double to hold a spoon and your biscuit of choice! After ironing,  I went over the edges of the pockets with some clear nail polish to stop them from fraying.

The weather here is hotting up strangely enough! I hate the heat! Bring back the rain and the wind!- I say this as the heat always makes me really tired and on point of collapse. Even sitting down I feel faint and drowsy. *Shakes fist at English weather!*

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