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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The countdown begins!

9 more posts to go!!   Head over here for a new charm swap I'm thinking of hosting =D  

To kick start my day I got some cool sewing patterns from Emily

And some Fabric and various scraps from Danny

In the afternoon I got on with continuing the mug rugs. Sewing down the pockets was not easy! What is up with Jano and layers!

I then got on with some quilting. Straight lines close to the seams of the block.

 A pin decided it didn't like me very much! As not to get any blood on the fabric I covered it up! (does my hand look big in this?)

Then I had a look through the 2.5" strips I'd already cut and some I got in a swap to see if any where long enough to go around the mug rugs.....I found a few..some I had to piece together....Grrr Binding! The top is sewn down..the back I'll do by I trust Jano not to make a mess of things!

After that I pulled out fabrics for the Zakka Style sewing kits...which I didn't take a picture of...You'll possibly see them tomorrow...not finished but at least started....My Genius self cut fabric to make 12.....O_O......The fabric is cut...and ironed....

I also cut some MAM fabric to make the Keyka Lou-Pixie Handbag....I just need to pull some more prints for the top band and the inner fabric....more on that later...
My blogger friend Moira sent me the link to make this bag check it out! 

Yes not a busy sewing day..just a very hot and frustrating one! Thanks Jano!! 

Siya'll tomorrow =D