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Friday, 25 May 2012

What a Mug....


Firstly if you want a cool new swap to join have a look at this one

Ah yes that's right. All 8 mug rugs are now casualties this time round. Please imagine the spork is a spoon! I'll possibly make more in the future when the mood strikes.

I then made a start on the binding for the sewing kits.....such a pain with mini binding! Who thought it was a clever idea! I still have to sew it down..Jano + mini binding= As if!

Then I made a start on the Pixie Handbag, pulling out my MAM fabrics
1. Amy Butler-Lotus Brown. 2.LoulouThi-Totem in Grapefruit. 3.? (anyone seen it before, it came from a scrap bundle..) 4. Darlene Zimmerman

 I've interfaced all the pieces...Crazy in this heat, but it had to be done! The pocket for the inside will be 5.Lecien-My Folklore in Beige

 I'm not a matching person at all, when it comes to things for myself. I love these fabrics so why not make a bag using them. Sadly my LouLouThi print is almost done. I've ordered another in Tart...They had not the Grapefruit =(

Tomorrow as usual is shopping then random sewing.....I'll possibly get that binding done and move onto the next stage of the bag....the bag may come first however.....=D

Still loving these yogurts!
They do them in peach now too! (these are the bigger tubs..they also do four packs in various other flavours)