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Saturday, 26 May 2012

That Blah feeling!

The weather has not been helping my mood at all! I hate the heat. There I said it and truth be told I'll say it again....I HATE THE HEAT!!!

It makes me feel very sick as it goes straight to my head and I end up feeling dizzy a lot of the time even when sitting down.
The house becomes so hot it's impossible to actually want to do Blah!
It is so very hard to concentrate on anything whilst feeling dizzy.
The sick feeling is constant....drinking doesn't help much either.
Sewing becomes much slower as using the iron...which has a very annoying steam function that doesn't seem to switch off is a pain.

I'm waiting for the cool weather. The one were it's practical to do things!

So on to today.

We went food shopping as usual and Tesco was like a traffic jam! I hate shopping at the best of times so today was not a good shopping day! I was very annoyed at the people standing in the way constantly and acting like they could neither see nor hear you. The people not looking where they were actually going and crashing into you!
Just because there is nice weather gives them no excuse to rush to the shops and get in the way! Usually Tesco is far less busy!

We went into a charity shop before grabbing lunch and I found this piece of fabric...It may be a half meter or so piece for just 50p! The weather must be affecting me because its floral! Mind you It may go nicely with that vintage brown case I bought....providing there's any of it left...or perhaps the one I used as backing for the heart pillows..

My new nemesis is mini binding! I hate it with a deep burning passion. I was counting down each pair as I went, I looked for a longer needle to make it go quicker. Could I find one!

Then came the next steps sewing down those pesky pockets and then making smaller pockets in one side. This was simpler. Jano decided to be my friend today! He made a wise choice...
I asked Mother if she could cut the wadding...she did a fine job! I need to get some leather thongs....or maybe ribbon...hmmmmm

I moved on with my new bag! I sewed darts! They were much simpler than I thought they would be and when I measured them, were all the same size! Result! As I told you in yesterdays post I have now cut the fabric for the pockets...Oh I even found the what the yellow fabric is see here. It was very tempting for me to order more, but I did not!

It's coming along nicely! I just have to get some magnets....The effort to order some! I'll have to pop out the road to the not 'Pound Tree' and see if they have any.. Oh I also have to find a fabric for the handles...yes....hmmmmm. looks like a little stash raiding will be in order tomorrow...

I have another driving lesson tomorrow actually. Luckily It's not until 4 so I have some time before hand to cut fabric and do some light sewing. Last week I bought my hexies with me. When the Older Giant was driving I was sewing in the back. I really need to finish that panel!

OK Bye *waves*