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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Driving in the Fast lane!

However before driving was sewing,
I continued on my Hexie panel until going to get ready for driving. I then got distracted by the TV.....Before leaving I grabbed my travel pouch and hit the road!

the back

The front

My thumb that has been stabbed with the pin many times!

The contents...the good scissors....the hexie panel..the thread...the clip that held the hexie rows neat and tidy..the needle is inside the panel...

The weather was much cooler. There was actually a nice breeze coming through the window.
I'm getting better at driving now! My instructor took me out to a place I wasn't used to, but he was impressed with how well I handled the roads and the car! There were more people out on the roads than I expected....most of them hanging out in the parks and others possibly on their way to the park....or the pub.....or a BBQ.....or......
I had to practice going around roundabouts and remembering to turn off at the right lane as well as signalling too. I had a few stop lights to stop at and some rude drivers who beeped me! Hello I'm a learner not a professional rally driver! It was a nice drive though and I was rather proud at how well I handled the new roads and challenges.
Twas The Older Giants lesson after mine, he has his test on Wednesday. I really hope he passes this time, this is his 4th attempt, please send your good driving vibes his way!
Once again I sat in the back and got to sewing. I did glance up a few times and we were going down some picturesque country lanes! I so wish I had bought my camera...

I got this far before we reached back home. OK so most rows were attached, the entire 6th row and part 7th row I did in the car!
 See that 4th row..yes? That was supposed to be before the 1st row and the entire panel upside down! I made an error in sewing and really couldn't be bothered to change it.

These are my driving glasses. They tend not to slide down so much. I sometimes also wear them when going out to parties/dinner etc. They squeeze at the sides so I can't wear them for too long.

 My actual glasses which are more comfortable, and I wear all the time. Just some nice simple Midnight Blue frames.

Upon getting home I started to finish the panel.....then was called by Father....but we'll discuss that tomorrow....
I had to finish the panel up after dinner

Then I pulled out the other 49 all ready to be sewn and created a design for them

After deciding how they would fit with the first panel I moved some around...
All fabrics were scrap pieces either swapped or from my own stash chosen specially to become MAM prints..most fabrics can be viewed here...which reminds me I must update that page....

Well that's all from me. Happy Sunday =D