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Monday, 28 May 2012

I'm Not a Robot?...Really.....?

Is it just me or are the word verification words/jumble of letters getting much longer? Some are actual words..some have been numbers, yet all much longer than before. I've even come across some with shaded "words" and punctuation marks. I ask If you have a blog and haven't turned it off please could you do so, by following these steps...once you have done that you can go here to get the cool button.
It is very annoying to each day have to prove I'm not a robot!

So on to today. This sunny (Grrrr) morning I received two packages in the post.
One from Sarah-FairyFace Designs
I saw these on her blog and enquired about them. The one I originally wanted had gone already so she offered to make me a custom one instead. I agreed, chose the fabrics and this little pouch was created.

The next package was from Karin for the MSM Swap. She lives over in Sweden! She sent me an awesome sewing machine cover. Perfect fit for Jano. Plus some other cute little goodies, A pouch, a mini pincushion, a spool of thread, some sweets, a retractable tape measure, a postcard and some fabric.
The colours are perfect! She must have been stalking me.

You may have read Yesterday's post. I mentioned Father had called me for something.
He went out to boot fair again and came back with this

The panel pillow was not in the bag. Today I organised the fabric into piles of what it could be best used for. Either kitchen/table wares. Pillows. Backing. Bags. Other. The other was because the fabric is mini curtains with lining! What to use them for...any suggestions?
Some fabric annoyingly had sticky tape on the back of them as I assume they were fabric samples for something. The tape was a pain to peel off. So I thought you know what I'm not dealing with this. I'll cut it off and use whatever fabric is left!
The fabric in front of his feet, he cut that into 5" strips as well as a few other pieces I could spare to give him. He claims he wants to make pillows. What he really means is. "I'll cut part of it and you can do all the rest!" Um so not helpful to me. I don't want a pile of WIPs to mount up! It wouldn't be so bad if he was actually genuinely sewing the things himself.

So I put each category into bags and labelled them. Then we went to the cake shop to see if they had any large boards we could use as templates. They did, but they were more than I was willing to pay! (£7+ for the size we wanted!)

Upon returning home I brought the bags to my room and got on with some sewing therapy. I remembered to cut the bag strap using this fabric. I wanted them longer so was glad this piece was a half yard.

Then I set to finishing the bag. I got the magnets...which I didn't realise there were two different poles in the packet, cut them wrong..glued them in wrong and found out when it was too late. So now the magnets are outside if the fabric. I had to glue them down and now they are drying.

The bag is complete! So cute and the perfect size for all of my junk  necessary bag items to fit in. Next month this will be hitting the streets. Well not so much the pavement, more like my hip as I wear it. 

Tomorrow I'll possibly be backing the D16 quilt tops. I've opted for plain fabric that matches the sashing. =D