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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

For the love of HSTs!

Today the weather started off overcast! My kind of day! Nice and cool.

I started my day by clearing up my fabrics. I had a large pile of sheets and pillow cases sitting next to my desk which was annoying me, so I put them into a tub under the bed and out of my way! The table now has my WIPs so they are nearer to me.

I borrowed my Folks bed space to use to measure the backing for my D16 quilt tops...I had to iron the backing as it was more creased than was folded all that time and magically with loads of creases...Very odd.
I went with the colours of the sashing. Some nice plain fancy prints. Both bedsheets. I haven't taken pictures...I shall tomorrow.

I noticed the fabric I had coloured somehow got wet and the colours had faded and blotched. So thinking quickly I grabbed my Acrylic paints

I had to paint out the whole butterfly and add in the details best as. I was not amused!

With Father's not so bright idea and fabrics cut I started sewing the strips to make HSTs. 5" strips by various lengths. Sew down both sides. Mark at 5" increments. Sew on either side of the marked line not taking the thread off the machine....The pictures help explain. If you have any questions on this please ask.

I got Father to so the I have to do all the sewing...then the trimming once the HSTs are cut....they make 3" squares after. You get 4 from one 5" block cut through in an X. He even Ironed them all ready for me to trim down...all 144 of them.....

This is not I repeat NOT FMQ. I actually did it with my regular sewing foot whilst Father was taking his sweet time using the iron. I was thinking of doing this pattern on my D16 quilts...not sure yet. The fabric was easy to move at least. Any thoughts or ideas?

Then as Father was still using the iron! I finally made a start on my BOM block for Quilt Story... I needed to iron it fist so yeah.....This months theme is hourglass.

Tomorrow once ironed I can get this sewn before the month ends! I also have to take a trip to the least my appointment is early (10.15) Whilst in that side of town I can check out the charity shops and see what I can find =D