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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Dentist,The HSTs, The Party, More HSTs and Me

Yup that's a general breakdown of my day.
First off there are spots and new sign ups for these swap groups
RATZ ModernistaALFALCMy Goodie Bag,  And this swap is possibly going to have a new one in June MSM

A fun trip to the dentist who said I needed to be referred to the hospital to have my back molars checked out and they'll see me in 6 months! Does anyone else come out after a check up, having their teeth cleaned only they feel quite gross and you have that horrible rinse water taste in your mouth?

After my Dentist trip I caught the bus into the small town. I waltzed through the shops and bought some books...and sewing will be tomorrow!

Getting back home I continued trimming those HSTs courtesy of Father... Upon the recount there were 152 not 144..

This was the done pile from yesterday

The to do piles
 I cut six on the board at a time

Then at 20 past 3 the Older Giant and I went to a Jubilee party at the Younger Giants school/6th Form College...I was deeply offended when A. A student thought we were his parents!...B.The receptionist said we could be his Aunt and Uncle....Errr try Brother and Sister people! People always claim I look 16....try adding 6 years to that!
She was lucky she was behind the counter. .......The 'Party' consisted of the four...members of cooking club and their family members....A small, yet fun gathering (good as I don't like large groups much) We had a laugh, some teachers came down to grab some food and join in the fun. We were surprisingly there for over 2 hours!

Arriving back home was on to more cutting. The 152 HSTs done!....with the trimmings....

The D16 quilts ready for quilting...once I figure out a pattern...

I sorted the HSTs by colour range then took one from each pile in a round until I had 36. I got four piles from this for the cushion tops....the backing will be a whole other fabric story....

With the 8 remaining I sorted them into this...with some borders it could become a very

The Me part was relaxing after all that cutting..I was going to read a book, but oddly enough it was dinner time, by the time I was done sorting and such...

I won't sew these tomorrow. I need a break from them. I'll do my BOM block though so it's done before the month ends..=D