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Friday, 1 June 2012

The weather...the garden and 4 posts to go!

The weather this morning looked very glum! However my mood was not!

I have a short story to tell before revealing the pictures. In April I placed an order with this shop....I ordered 2 bundles of fabric which I was told would come in separate packages. A week after ordering I received one of the packages....I waited for the other to arrive....only it never did. I contacted the store owner to see what could have happened. She told me they always get separated at the customs office and she'd keep an eye out to see if it would be sent back to her.
Moving to this month. The package still hasn't come or been sent back to her. So very kindly she offered to send me the fabrics I'd ordered again. Some prints were unavailable so I chose some new ones. She sent me the tracking number, which I used to see the progress and This morning my package came!
Neither of us have any idea what happened to the last package and why it never showed up to me or back to the store.
So here is my new more money spent so keeping to my ban!

I'll put the fabrics onto my fabric page at the weekend so you can have a look at the prints there. I will say I got some prints from Collections and Designers such as ; Ann Kelle. Momo. Reunion. Indian Summer. Scoot. Hoo's in the Forest. LouLouThi. Peak hour. Riley Blake. Freshcut.  Circa. Dr Seuss......

As I mentioned yesterday I got some new books and sewing items to add to my growing collections
1.How to be popular-Meg Cabot. 2.Finding Violet Park-Jenny Valentine. 3. Candyfloss-Jacqueline Wilson.  4.Air head-Meg Cabot
Sewing items...hook and loop head needles....needles with a cool case...wide hemming web...metal bobbins and  dress maker scissors.

We went out in the garden for a few hours too. Weeding and planting. I took some breaks to get some painting done on my last 'Page'
Now all to do is sew down the Polaroid frames and some sashing...

Mother needed me to make her a badge as she is having a Jubilee thing at work tomorrow(by the time you read this it will be my early hours of the morning..) so I made this
She has since pinned it to her RWB outfit top.

I also managed to get my BOM block done before the month ended

All 3 so far. This BOM started in March. You still have time to join in too.

To end this month and begin the new one a short tutorial on how I made my HSTs
1. Sew 5" by any width divisible by 5 together down both sides Right sides together.
Mark lines on each 5" increment. Sew down each side of the marked pencil line using it as a guide to place your machine foot. Do not cut the thread.
Lift the foot and move the fabric to the next line and sew. Make sure you sew both ends too.

2. Cut down each marked pencil line to get a 5" square

3. Cut diagonally through the center.
4. Then again in the opposite direction

5. Fold out your HSTs and press
6. Trim down to a 3" square.

Done 4 HST's in half the time

I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions please ask.

Well Thanks for staying with me in May! June will be even more exciting. I have a giveaway next Monday to celebrate 150 posts and some exciting new projects.
I'll be back later with my May review =D