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Sunday, 3 June 2012

150 posts GIVEAWAY!!!

This is not my official 150th post, but It's good to start a giveaway at the beginning of the week. I have 1 more post to go then it will be official.

Before I tell you about the giveaway. Here's what I got up to today

I've seen appliqued blocks floating around blog land and I wanted to try my had at one too. Here are a few I've been inspired by 1. Danny 2. Lynne 3.Maureen.
I'm going to try out my own. Just something random using raindrop/paisley pieces in various sizes and prints.

I then tried a layout for the first circular pillow I'll be making this week. Red GAH!!!

Oh have you ever tried homemade apple and pear crumble with a fruit yogurt instead of custard? (in my case the soya kind) 

The Giveaway

 I've been thinking what to give for this one. Before I've given a charm pack of choice to the winner, but I wanted this one to be different. 
So the prize will be 3 handmade items from me. You'll get a pouch, a pincushion and 1 surprise item. 

To enter this giveaway;
 You must be one of my lovely followers (an active commenting one)
You must be an active blogger. I'll be checking.
And finally leave an answer to these questions
1.What inspired you to choose your blog name? 
2.When and why did you start blogging?
3.What part of the world do you live in?

1. My blog name was inspired by the crazy way I talk at home. Instead of saying am I say be/be's. Cheraldine is my name so essentially I be's Cheraldine!
2.I officially started blogging just this year in January/Early February time. I started as a way to have somewhere to show off my creative side. I love to sew, paint and sketch and I've incorporated all 3 into this blog. Plus its nice to have somewhere to share things with other bloggers around the world. 
3. I live in the lovely and sunny UK where the weather is always scalding hot....Jokes! I'm sure you've heard about our weather! 

This giveaway will stay open until Saturday the 9th. There will be 3 lucky winners.
1st will receive all 3 items
2nd will receive a pincushion and surprise item
3rd will receive a surprise item.

1 comment, with 3 answers per person please. This is open to my followers,  anywhere in the world. Please make sure I have a way to contact you.  No anonymous comments or no-reply bloggers unless you leave an email address. If you don't your name will be taken out of the selection process. 
Any comments after Saturday will be disqualified. 

On Sunday, I'll put the names into a bowl and pick 3 out with the help of the Younger Giant or Older one depending who I can grab at the time. 
If you win and do not reply to my email within 2 days another winner will be selected and so on. So please make sure you reply! 

Good luck! =D