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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Quick Dial 101!!

Today for me was a slow sewing day.
Grocery shopping always seems to take a very long time. We leave after 10 and don't get back till 1 ish! I know right!
I blame my parents. They always seem to stop somewhere for ages or totally disappear and I'm left manning the basket, so someone doesn't come along and steal our bags and shopping!

Getting back home is unpacking. My Mother signed up to Shop Scan (UK only) and each time after shopping we have to scan every bar-code so she can get points and coupons for random groceries. It applies to quite a lot of shops here actually and we can all use it and get points for shops we go into.

After shopping I opened my parcel from Lisa. We talk quite a lot and we have swapped things in the past. This swap I sent her some belt/bag buckles and she sent this awesome charm pack

I then had a look in my random charm box to count out 112 for this Charm Swap. I haven't joined one before (more so been fast enough to get in on one) so this should be fun!

Then continued on my Zakka Style sewing kits. I turned everything that need to be right side out. Then grabbed some hemming web as I was too lazy to sew them up and went to the iron.
I have four more to do. I ran out of leather cord so had to order some more..
I also need to find a stamp to embellish each kit and pincushion-before I stuff them-any website suggestions would be most welcome.

I then started work on the next step of my new pictures yet sorry.

I'm sure you're wondering about the title. For our country (The UK) the number to dial for the police is 101, so they can put you through some operator system to asses which direct service you actually need.
I had to call that number this evening as my next door neighbours back garden was being broken into by some random kids. The neighbours are on holiday apparently.  Earlier we got a knock at the door from another neighbour (who we've never seen before) to say she had seen the kids running from the garden and when she went to look they had broken the gate, into the shed and she couldn't close it securely without locking herself in.
Just this evening about 9 I heard them out there and actually saw them in the garden, so I called the police (not seeing why the lady earlier hadn't called them). They actually came pretty quickly and I saw them out there assessing the damage.
They then rang the doorbell to ask me a few questions and to tell me what they had done. They both seemed rather tired which made me want to laugh, their voices were just so soft and calm.

After that excitement I got on with my blog reading. =D

P.s. How rude of blogger to tell me my spelling is wrong! I'm British so I'll spell my words the British way!