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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Attack of the Monster Granny!

So I was blog reading yesterday and came across this

This time round Danny needs pillow covers 20x20". I pitched in to make two. At first I wondered what pattern I could use that would be big enough. Then I remembered seeing this post from Katy for a Giant Granny and well it was the right size! I delved into my Charm box and got to work. I've done one pillow top so far. The other is the same prints only a different backing and center colour and will have a different layout.
Here is the first at the moment.
 It's so gorgeous..I was tempted to keep it for myself like you have no idea! Then Remembered the great cause it's going to and was fine to eventually send it away (I'll just make one extra for myself...I need a bigger pillow for my sewing chair..MAM prints here I come)

Though before all that sewing I actually did some applique work first. Mainly because I knew it would take a while and would also take time to dry from all the fusing.
I didn't use bondaweb.....I used hemming web. I bought some wide hemming web and used that along with the thinner strip one to stick the pieces down.
I had to use a dab of glue to hold them in place, but it worked out.
I laid a wet cloth over the whole block and fused it slowly. It worked out eventually after much steaming and re-wetting the cloth.

 Once they were dry I stitched down the sashing I had pinned to give me a rough idea on the space I could use without going over any of the pieces. I'll add the next 2 strips of sashing tomorrow. Fabrics used are from my stash...which reminds me..(must update my page this weekend)

I also sashed the 'Scrapbook' Blocks and my smaller Granny Block (3" Squares used)

6 blocks when I decide how many I want X amount to go...It'll be around the 15-20 range. I think I'll add another Granny Block to the collection....and a scrappy one too
Suggestions for other blocks will be greatly appreciated (my blocks are 11x11.5")

Well tomorrow I have things to post as the bank holidays are over! My GIVEAWAY IS HERE and if you don't win you can swap for some awesome GOODIES =D