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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Revenge of the Granny!

Today I woke early and started cutting fabrics. I'm planning on making a Quilt for Father..It will be a giant Granny Block quilt....6 blocks 4" squares used.  I really should of taken a picture of the fabrics, but he was lurking and I don't want him to see any of it!

After breakfast and the usual morning stuff I got to work on sorting all projects to do for the day.
My leather cord arrived in the post so I was able to finish the last 4 Zakka Style Sewing Kits I started on. Here are all so far. I'm waiting on my stamps to arrive so they and the pincushions can be completed. (Once I stuff the pincushions that is....)

I must confess I made a huge error in sewing the final 4. I stitched the wadding in wrong!

Left is how it should be. Right is how I sewed it! Instead of unpicking the whole thing. I just unpicked the top along the gap edge. Turned it right side out. Cut off the wadding as close to the edge as humanely possible...turned it inside out and sewed it on the right way! Luckily I didn't loose too much from the wadding so it still fit pretty evenly...(with some light stretching) The Younger Giant came in to laugh at my mistake!

The sewing kits so far. Fabrics used are from FabricShoppe and SurlySheep. Linen from Fresh Stash

I really need to take a picture of the pincushions....

Then I got to work on sashing my appliqued blocks. They need to be trimmed, but no hurry there.

Then the second Giant Granny block for the pillows for Danny. I just need to raid through my stash for some backing fabrics.

As I mentioned yesterday...after being tempted to keep one I had to make one for myself. Pulling out my MAM prints I did! Loving these prints! Some from swaps with other awesome bloggers.

Then I trimmed down the scrappy charm blocks that have been sitting on my laptop case for a while now..

I had to trial making magnets to test the strength of the ones I bought....(no the table is not magnetic)..I will take a picture of them on my board camera battery decided it would choose that moment to die!

I started cutting the fabrics for the GIVEAWAY items...which I have only 2 days to make.... We're going out Friday through Saturday afternoon.(though knowing my Father it may be Saturday evening!) Travelling to Sheffield for a party thing....I'll be taking some hand sewing with me..four hour car drive is not my idea of fun! 

Well as I mentioned the camera battery for now the fabrics will remain a mystery....=D