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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Procrastination and Me...

You may read my blog and think "Wow she makes a lot!" Which is probably true to say....though the real truth is I procrastinate and awful lot inbetween.
I can get easily distracted by the TV if something good is on. Today it was a movie on the Disney Channel, I just had to watch it!

Anyhoo before all the procrastinating I got some cool things in the mail!
Firstly a badge I won in a giveaway over at Waggonswest, perfect for my procrastinating problem.

Then I saw Collette's camera cases and just had to have one. She made me a custom order in her shop, using green Chevron fabric. (please pretend the phone is a camera.) This will be coming with me tomorrow on my travels 

 I got the Giant Granny Pillows for Danny and one for myself too finished...Hers are in an envelope ready to go to the post office tomorrow along with everything else. The weather today was awful! I even have a label I got from Spoonflower attached on the inside. The first four pictures are of the pilllow covers for Danny, the others 2 are of mine. 
The fabric for the backing was in my wardrobe waiting to be used...the floral is some Father got which is home dec weight.

Then the movie interrupted for like a good hour and a half......then TV got in the way too. It wasn't until 6 ish I got back to sewing....

I made another pouch for my GIVEAWAY. The zip turned out great! I added my label in the bottom too.  I started made some scrappy blocks to turn into pincushions. They will be backed with a charm square. It's my own pattern used. Remind me to make a tutorial for it someday. 

They need to be ironed actually. I'll have to finish them on Sunday as I have no idea what time we'll be back on Saturday. We're all off to Sheffield for a surprise party (for a relative I'm sure I've never met) then staying at my Uncles in Leicester overnight and through Saturday, afternoon/evening...My Father is not a man of snappy decisions...
I'll be taking with me these pouches 
Sewing gear....pins, thread, needles, pincushion. 

Hexies 7 rows of 7 be sewn 

snacks for the car journey

My camera will join me too....I'll also need my overnight bag..not yet packed...I'll try and take photo's along the way ready to share on either Saturday or Sunday evening. 

Siya'll in a couple of days =D