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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Glad to be back!

I'm back after some lengthy travels...getting stuck in traffic, sitting in a rather uncomfortable seat, having my ear drums blasted with loud music and children...oh the joy!

Our adventure started off just before 1 on Friday afternoon. We loaded our overnight bags into the car then were on our way. We stopped to get some petrol then onto the motorway. I pulled out my sewing pouch and got straight to work on sewing up my rows of hexies. I managed 4 before we arrived.
We had some random car snacks. Cold meats (sweets), crackers and some tic tacs...We stopped at a rest stop, but the prices were food were so ridiculous we didn't buy anything..back to the motorway.
There was so much gridlock it was unbelievable! The Older Giant said a music festival was going on so that's why so many cars were on the motorway...would have been nice of him to mention that before the journey but hey!

We got there..some 4 hours later just before 6 and went straight to the venue....which funnily enough was a stones throw from where my Aunt and Uncle were staying. We popped in to see them and grabbed some food from her....Then went across to the venue whilst she got ready. Father joked she would turn up late and ruin the surprise.

He wasn't wrong..she came in minutes before the birthday man! She's lucky no one let off their party poppers otherwise she would not have lived that moment down!

Soon everyone was chatting and greeting relatives they hadn't seen in years! Was funny to see so much family in one place (and that's not even half of it) My Father said we were related to everyone in the room, either by direct family ties or through marriage etc...there had to be over 150 people there!

The food was eventually served some 2 hours after we got there.....My Cousin was making some jokes on the mic about the people in the line. The meal was rather nice. There was rice and peas/plain rice....2 types of chicken....curried goat....fried dumplings...roast potatoes and a selection of salads.

After the meal the dancing started. The Birthday man got up to bust some moves! Even at 80 he still has it!
The children were running around like crazy as they do making trouble wherever they went. After chatting, eating, meeting, greeting and seeing a lot of new and old faces we were ready to leave....
Of course not before grabbing some snacks for the road and taking a few pictures here and there.

It was an hour and a half drive to my other Uncles house who lives in Leicester. We stopped round his for the night and into the afternoon of today, making jokes as we do.

The drive back home. Shopping and some sewing. Which I'll share with you tomorrow.

Siya'll then. As I was away there will be one extra day to enter my GIVEAWAY winners will be announced Monday. So if you haven't entered already, what are you waiting for? =D