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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Just Stamp it out!

Let's go back in time for a moment. Back to Friday to be exact.

Before we left I got my parcel from Sticky Tiger Supplies in the mail! I ordered some stamps, fabric glue, ink, a tag pad, two fabric pens and an acrylic block for the stamps.

In the car on my journey I got on with sewing up my next MAM hexie panel, I got four rows done before the journey ended. 3 more to sew.

Yesterday after we got back from shopping I tried out my new stamps
The stamp was larger than I expected it to be. Too large for my sewing kits!

So I went with the larger button stamp instead, for the pincushions, which still need to be stuffed...

After stamping I started making magnets for the next round of the RATZ Swap...well trying them out to see if they would work. 
They started as 5" squares I cut them down to quarters

Make note it is easier to insert the magnet after you have turned it right side out....unless you leave a big enough turning gap!

This morning before the Sunday Brunch I got on with some more stamping. I used the butterfly stamp on half of the sewing kits and the other half I used the birdie stamp. 

After brunch I had a fun idea to turn my magnets also into pincushions. So now I have mini magnet pincushions.
I bought a very cheap baking sheet to use as my magnet board. 

 I used the scraps left over from the pouches, plus some solid scraps to make them. The backs were 2.5" squares I had left over from granny block making.

I just have to sew up the edges....or maybe I'll use the fabric glue...or my good friend Hemming Web. Not all of them will be for my swap partner though....

Today is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY. The people who have already entered your names have been jotted down and put in the....(camera case for safe keeping)....Anyone else who enters between now and the drawing will be entered too.

The prizes are underway..The pouch is done. I just have to stuff the pincushions and they'll be ready to go to lucky winners. The secret item is also made!

Well that's all from me. Siya'll tomorrow =D