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Monday, 11 June 2012

We have 3 WINNERS!!

However before all that excitement my post on today.

I was stuffing for best part of today, pincushions that is. Lots and lots of pincushions

12 are for the Zakka Style sewing kits. 12 are mini pincushion magnets and 2 are 5" ones for the Giveaway prizes plus 1 for me. I used a mix of my fabric trimmings and actual toy stuffing to fill them. 

Dwindling into the night I started sewing the Granny Blocks for the Surprise quilt. The fabrics will eventually be added to my fabric page! I'll go sort that after I post this. 

One needs a plan to make sure all blocks are different 

One of the block layouts

I've sewn each into strips ready to iron and sew together tomorrow. I did it this way to make sure I get nice seams before sewing, so hopefully all points will match up. 

Now onto the winners!!!!

I got the Younger Giant to help...he did not want to be shown, but allowed his hand to be photographed

Begrudgingly he picked out
1st place, winner of the pouch, pincushion and mystery prize is - Fiona-Finding Fifth
2nd place, winner of the pincushion and mystery prize is -  Emily-Mommy's nap time
3rd place and winner of a mystery prize is - Richard-Richard and Tanya Quilts

The winners have been emailed for their addresses...

Thank you to all who entered and became followers of my blog! I hope you stick around for future posts, upcoming swaps and future giveaways. 

Siya'll tomorrow =D

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