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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shhhhhh it's a secret!

To start my morning I had mail rudely dropped on me placed nicely on me by the Older was funny though as he tried to leave Father stepped in and blocked the doorway!

I got my RATZ Swap key fob from Marian-Lady Face plus some extra fabric scraps and an awesome card!

My Zakka style sewing kits are finally done! Once I get a label I'll sew them in.

I added my new pins to my new pincushion...who says we only need one!

Then I finished the quilt top for Father's secret birthday quilt! When I was cutting the backing he almost saw it. Luckily with speeds unknown I whipped it from the room and ran....well walked casually as not to draw suspicion to myself...

It is rather hard to cut things when he is in the house milling up and down the stairs at random times! I did manage to also cut the wadding. I'm hoping he pops out tomorrow so I can get the quilt pinned ready for quilting!

It was funny at dinner time there was a cat out in the garden. Mother was going to go out and scare it, however instead of running off in fright like they usually do this cat stayed and sat by the door looking at her expectantly. It was so cute! She didn't open the back door in the end and the cat sat there for a good 5 minutes before leaving.

I'm hoping to get more of the quilt a loss on a new project to start..any ideas? Yes I have some quilting to do on 3 other quilts, but hey all in good time.

Siya'll tomorrow =D

P.s My picture just fell off the wall! I'll have to use some screws this time to hold it up! Curse those sticky pads!