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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Atchoooooooooooooo Atchoooooooooooo!!!

Either I have really bad hay fever today..or the makings of a bad cold. Curse you UK weather.

This morning my Father came in to give me my mail. He was more excited than I was to open it...he even handed me the scissors to cut the envelope open....(the wrong ones HAH!)
I got my parcel from the ALFALC Swap all the way from Portugal!
Cherry chocolate, 3 FQ's of fabric, a cute scented pillow, some buttons and ribbon.

However despite all the sneezing etc I managed to get some sewing done. Jano was cast to the side and the needle and thread were pulled out instead. Searching through my Perle cotton stash I pulled  four colours out in preparation. Red, blue, green and orange.

I got to work on hand quilting that surprise quilt. This time Father was downstairs so I managed to sneak into his room to borrow the bed for pinning. I now know the importance of using a lot of pins!

First two blocks done orange and green Perle cotton

I've done four blocks, using the green and orange! Only 2 more to go then the binding...which I feel too lazy to do...the backing is wide enough...I may just fold it over to the front, after trimming the excess wadding and POW instant binding!

Mother came in from work and graced me with some good news! 2 ladies at her work place have requested me to make them a make up bag, after seeing them here on my blog! Mother gave me the details and then disaster. I asked her to pull out my fabric draw...instead of moving the table in front of it, that holds my WIPs she pulled them forward instead-knocking over my piles of HST's..Luckily they dropped in one place. She left after helping me find the ones that had dropped further and counting them to make sure none were missing.

I ummed and ahhed about which fabrics to use until eventually deciding and cutting without second thought!
The picture is dark for a reason..

So tomorrow the quilt may be finished..those pouches will be started..I see now I haven't pulled out any zips FOOL!

Siya'll tomorrow =D