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Thursday, 14 June 2012

When Zippered Pouches Attack!

I got on with sewing the two custom pouches today. Make note I wont be making them this way again for a while! Whilst I like the pattern too many things can go wrong making it. It would have taken me a couple of hours to make them both, but encountering so many problems it took me half the day!

The darts came out great. Rather than marking them I fold each side piece towards the center, right sides together. Pin and sew! I used the Keyka Lou-Pixie Handbag  pattern to style this pouch.

Problem 1+2. When I was pinning the top band to each piece I was sure they were all the right way up and facing right sides together. However after sewing each piece 6 of them were wrong! I had to unpick them them back and realise 2 were still wrong!
I also noticed the wadding was still sitting on my bed, which should have been attached when the darts were being sewn.
I'm sure I heard Jano laughing at me!
sewn to wrong side of fabric!

top band put on upside down!

Top band wrong side sewn to right, but at lease correct way up

Problem 3. After getting all pieces sewn up right I thought OK I'll just sew in the wadding once I get the zipper on. The zipper foot awesome! Me sewing the zipper on the right way up...not so awesome! Once again the unpicker was brandished. It is now my new best friend.

After the tedious job of unpicking fairly tight stitches, I got the zipper sewn down correctly. I'd like to add this happened on BOTH pouches. ( I am a Fool!) I sewed the wadding onto the main fabric pieces and the rest was OK.

I put my label in the bottom (which I need to get more of as this was just a tester piece....) The zips came out great along the top! 
I think I'll stick to square pouches in darts or extra panels to add!

On a plus note I was nominated for two awards by the Amazing Lisa - In The Boon Docks. We talk quite often on a daily basis and she has done quite a few fabric swaps with me. She makes some great things on her blog. Hopefully you pop over and show her some support! 

The "Sunshine Award" is for positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere. Such a great sentiment. It gives me the feeling I'm doing something right! 

The "One Lovely Blog" Award is just what is says your blog is lovely. So great to get this award. I just write my blog to suit my personality all real all the time!
In order to accept these awards I have to answer the following questions:

Favourite Colour - Midnight blue....plum purple...lime green....burnt orange..

Favourite Animal - I like Dolphins and elephants 

Favourite Number - 7 

Favourite Drink - Fruit squash (that isn't orange!)

Facebook or Twitter - Neither

My Passion - Being creative and making memorable things

Giving or Getting Presents - I really like giving them. I try to make most of my gifts. As I also sketch I make a collage of the recipients favourite things into a picture 

Favourite Day - When I can sew with no interruptions and things go right 

Favourite Flowers - Tulips and Lillie's

I would like to thank Lisa for giving me these great awards and award these honours to the following blogs - because I enjoy them, think they are all lovely, and they inspire me to be creative and artistic.
Please take a few minutes to stop by and look around.

So ladies if you are interested in these awards you just need to answer the questions in a blog post and nominate others to receive the awards. Think of it as your follower getting to know you a little better. 

It was hard to pick just a few out as I read so many blogs, but these Ladies and Gent have made some amazing things that have inspired me. 
If I could choose you all I would so anyone I haven't mentioned please accept the award if you wish =D

Amy @ Glitter, Vinyl and Thread, She makes some awesome pouches and I love her anatomical hearts!

Katy @ The Littlest Thistle  , She's so friendly and has given me some great tips on trying out new processes 

Marika @ Live, Laugh, Love  , I love the things she makes. They are so vibrant and full of colour. 

Lily @ Lily's Quilts, She always has some great tips on her blog which have been very helpful to my blogging style

Maureen @ , She makes some truly inspiring projects and chooses such great colour palettes 

Richard @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, It amazes me how fast he can make a quilt! 

Siya'll tomorrow =D