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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Just coasting along!

So there I am in Mother's room, with her on the look-out for Father, trimming the excess wadding and fabric from the backing-so it wasn't too much to fold over for binding...I then, before even finishing. had to make a mad dash from their room as Father was coming up the stairs with haste! I made it with MI5 style finesse. (good thing my room is just across the hall from theirs!)

I had to finish pinning two sides in my own room...I really need more storage space..right now all finished projects sit on one side of my bed. I'm going to rearrange them so they take up less space....

I had the shock realisation that I hadn't gotten Father anything for Father's day...yeah. So with some speedy thinking and grabbing the scraps left from the quilt I made 2 coasters (one for his bedside table and the other for downstairs) and a tea towel-as he eats on his lap in the front room, having his own will save him from constantly taking the one from the kitchen!

Paper piecing is my best friend...I paper piece an awful lot (mostly scrappy blocks)...good thing we don't throw out our old newspapers.
The fronts

The backs..I love how neat it all looks

The tea-towel...not actually made with towel like material but some unknown material that has a tiny label reading "high alter"? Plus some woven material also unknown...

I made my own labels for I haven't found a good place to get them printed yet....

After all that work I was rather tired. JOKES! I still have to wrap them....lucky Father goes boot fair in the morning!
Inbetween sewing was making lunch...getting pestered by the Older Giant..the Younger one is at a sleepover party...Ironing after sewing...then was making dinner...eating dinner...

I did before dinner was done get some fabrics cut and ironed for a new project as currently on the WIP pile are quilts to be quilted..
Sneak'll see more of this project in the upcoming week.

Well that's my day done! Tomorrow is a driving lesson...the Older Giant encouraged me to have one...I don't know what it is, but I'm not sure I want to continue....hmmmm

Siya'll tomorrow =D

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  1. You did a great job of last minute thinking for father's day! Learn to drive. Practice once a week so you don't forget. You never know when you'll need that skill. =)

    dezertsuz at gmail


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