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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Fathers Day!!

This morning  I awoke with sewing on my mind. First up I had to wrap the presents I made yesterday, then get the Older Giant to sign the card....the Younger Giant called to say he would be back later, so the card was signed on his behalf.
After that I grabbed the needle and Perle and got to work sewing down the binding on The Secret Quilt. An hour and a half later and it was done!

 I had some help from my lovely assistant (Mother) to pin it up. Now to find a large bag to fit it in...
Quilt stats
Size- 57 x 341/2"
Label- Handcrafted

This is the one of the biggest quilts I've made and hand bound.

Father liked his presents...and in typical fashion hasn't used them yet!

I went for my driving lesson after completing this triangle on the last charm quilt. It's progress OK!

My braking is awful HAH! I brake yes...on time not so much. I need to remember foot not covering gas, but switch to brakes sooner. Also parked cars are pure evil!!

I relaxed after I got in, by watching some TV with the Mother and Older Giant.
Chocolate Fudge cake with soya custard for dessert!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. So glad Father liked his gifts......what you said about him not using them reminded me of Christmas "back home". We always celebrate on
    Christmas Eve and all the family tries to travel back home to Mom and Dad's house. Anyway we would always tease the gift recipients that they must not have liked their gift because they weren't wearing it......which led to people donning several layers of clothing just to show they liked the gifts.....made for some silly photos! Your quilt turned out great.....looks wonderful from the back too. I'm curious as to the symbols at the bottom of your label.......

  2. Lucky Dad! Lovely quilt. Chocolate fudge cake sounds delicious!

  3. haha, love the symbols for washing/care on the label!

  4. oh this is lovely and bright and fun! love the label on the back too! x


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