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Monday, 18 June 2012

Spring July...

Better late than never.

I got up with the intention to actually clear my bed off and rearrange the pile of finished projects that were on it. Also to shake out the blankets and such on my bed and throw some into the machine. Today was actually a nice weather day so I could hang them outside and get on with organising the chaos of things that were on my bed.

Surprisingly enough this pile of items didn't topple over as i thought they would

I had an unbelievable amount of fabric on my bed, most of it went neatly into the fabric tower (OK so I had to do some rearranging and wedge some pieces in, but it fit!)

My MAM quilt finally seeing the light of day, along with those heart cushions (-_-) and some other pillow covers

I decided to actually use my MAM quilt as it has been folded under all the other projects for quite some time now (4 months!)

I bagged up all my projects to project them from dust and to keep them clean.

All neatly piled with the blanket underneath ( the effort to stuff it into the airing cupboard!) There is now more stuff on that pile..just no picture as proof.

Between sorting and washing and waiting for the bedding to dry so I could actually put everything back onto my bed, it took up most of the afternoon!

I then got engrossed in a book Mother gave me. At first it's like what? Then you find it hard to put down! I was reading it before dinner then after dinner, I almost didn't come online! 
Book is The Time of My Life. I'm sure tomorrow I'll finish the book.

Well that's all from me. 
Siya'll tomorrow =D