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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Zipper Master!

I felt like being lazy today. So I was reading my book. It's rather engrossing I've been reading it through most of the day. Remembering to put it down to come online and start reading the blogs.

I did take a break from reading and in 2 and a half ish hours I whipped up 4 zippered pouches. These ones came together with ease! I gave them all flat bottoms, which was easier than I thought to make.

The blue one is fatter as I sewed the wadding to the lining rather than the exterior fabric! (FOOL!)
I have four more half pinned and ready to be sewn..after that I have no idea what to make next...maybe some more pouches? possibly some cushion covers.....maybe get around to finishing the hand quilting on 3 quilts....

Mother also came in during the sewing time to tell me Her friend at works sister would like a make-up bag. Colour scheme pink/purple.....Not sure about the pink I know I have the purple.

I'll attempt to be more productive tomorrow...though the book is still not finished....hmmmmm

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. They are cute. I sometimes struggle with zips but you are a master!

  2. Well if you were any more productive, girl, we would have to patent you! The pouches are awesome......great job on the zippers.

  3. What is summer without enjoying a good book (or several)? Cute pouches! I saw a tute for one last week with ruffles that I'd like to try...after I knock a few other things out of the queue first though.

  4. You MUST teach me how to install these things called zippers - mine NEVER look that nice!

  5. Awe man! I've been there! I make some of the silliest mistakes sometimes.

  6. Those look great! I can imagine they would come in handy for anything from a hand quilting or embroidery project to a camera or make-up supplies.


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