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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Projects of the sketch pad kind

In the mail this morning I got a great set of fabrics from my blogging friend Susan. the green ones have been cut into already the black ones remain in the wrapper.

Still armed with my sketch pad and colours, I worked on other colour themes for inspiration.
I rummaged through my stash of F8s and found I still had some that were whole pieces. So I chopped those up into wedges, charms and 4" squares...all scraps going into my scrap bin for now. (eventually they will make it into the jars)

These prints are from the ones I ordered from My Fabric house.

from l-r 1.browns. 2.oranges. 3.blacks. 4.purples. 5.white multi. 6.greens. 7. grays. 8.reds. 9.cream multi. 10.blues. 11.yellows. 12.pinks. 13.dark multi.

I had quite a good selection actually....only after I had cut them I realised there were no blue prints in the triangles I'd cut!  Funny that....So my new plan is to order another bundle of colour wheel prints from Surly Sheep. They are the perfect size for my future project and the fact I loved all the prints that came last time. 
I need to also get some browns, neutrals and black prints...I really wish when I first started buying fabric I had paid attention to colours! 
I'll have to take the leap and order colours I'm not to fond of like RED and PINK! 
That lesson is officially learnt!
I have my Swap Shop back open so feel free to stop buy and see if anything takes your fancy.

I think I'll be with my sketch pad for a while....I'll post some pictures soon of what I've been sketching out for ideas...

Siya'll tomorrow =D