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Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Review.....Already! Pinch Punch!

I didn't even know it was the First of July until I looked at my clock with the helpful mini calendar on it..

It was then that I realised last month kind of sped by..I mean really where is the time going! One minute its June then seconds later it seems to be July.....Maybe it's me and I have a time disorder....where I don't realise time is even moving!

Once the shock of it being another month already I remembered I have a June review to do.

I decided eventually to upload them to Flickr first as it's easier to make a mosaic that here is my June Mosaic

My picture folders always remind me just how much I get done...Good think my mojo went at the end of the month! 

This month I'm hoping it returns as I have been working on some new ideas for cushions and quilts! They reminded me I need to get some new colouring pencils! 

Well that's all from me today I'm linking up with

Lily's Quilts

Siya'll tomorrow =D