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Monday, 2 July 2012

The Artist Within Me

Another thing I love doing is sketching...never have I called it drawing. It's either sketching or doodling-this happens when I'm stuck listening to someone talking and just happen to have some pen and paper to hand!

First up I started sketching out some ideas for some pillow designs...which could also be used for a quilt. Using my competition mosaics OneTwoThree and Four. The inspiration photo's are from my desktop backgrounds gotten from this site. I really need to download some more...once I'm done posting....

Then I sketched up the colour wheel schemes

Warm colours, rainbow colours, cool colours

Then I went with seasonal colours and pairing up colours

Then I worked on some sketches using a mix of colour schemes and colour mediums- biro pen, felt pens, colouring pencils, pencil, gel pens and coloured biro pens.

I used the flowers and buds from the Loulouthi Summer totem print then some other elements fro various sketches I've used before.

For this sketch I picked out gold, silver, black and yellow for a hint of colour.
The fairy had been sitting on a blank canvas for many months. I finally had the motivation to add a background to her picture, after finishing the above sketch.

I'm waiting for a fabric order to reach my mail box....then once the cutting is out of the way I may finally be able to start sewing again. I know Jano will be happy.

Siya'll tomorrow =D


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