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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rainbow scraps!

With my sewing mojo gone for a vacation, I played around with some templates. Father bought two large cake boards a 16"circle and hexagon. I flipped them over and divided them on the back to  get wedges to eventually make up some pillows. I just need to decide what prints to use and eventually get cutting.
The bowl is a template for the smaller circular pillows using the HST blocks I made.

I flicked through some magazines hoping the projects would help inspire me on what to make next. I found a few things that caught my interest. Some blocks and one had some cute fabric flowers, that can be turned into brooches or hair slides (well it didn't say that, but I think they could work)

They require 3" circles to make the petals, so I pulled out my fabric basket containing some 3" x 5" strips and cut those down to 3" squares saving the scraps for my jars.

My jam jars plus some other jars I found are now rainbow scrap well as one for white, black, brown and grey scraps. I even pulled out my scrap draw and cut some of the pieces in there into strips to add in.

Oddly there are a lot of purple scraps though I have no major purple fabrics! Smaller pieces of fabric have lead to that.

I then tipped out my strip bag ready to trim them down to proper sizes to put into another draw. There are various different fabrics here, some cotton, linen and upholstery weight fabric. I'll leave them at the length they are as most of my scraps are smaller pieces.
I'm seeing some scrappy pouches in their future....maybe some log cabin blocks....
I broke my fabric ban slightly to get a better range of rainbow colours for my stash. I ordered some mystery colour bundles from My Fabric House I spent £30. The bundles are 10x12" pieces which works great for what I need them for. I'm going through the fabrics on Pink Castle Fabrics to possibly get a custom bundle made up with some rainbow inspired prints.

Not a very interesting day, but at least I found something inspiring in my search.

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I do a lot of my sewing from scraps. They're the best!

  2. I love the jars full of scraps :-)
    If you'd like to add to them, I've got a giveaway on my blog x

  3. I think its a great idea to buy scrap bundles, they will always be used. love all the jam jars of scraps

  4. I love you jam jar ideal:-) At the quilt show I bought a bundle of 5 American Patchwork &Quilting books. I read to also cut strips of left over fabric for boarders then roll them up on toilet paper rolls to store. I like that ideal. You need to add your jam jars to the book.


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