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Monday, 25 June 2012

Losing my mojo!

Yes you read the title correctly. I have lost the will to sew! Looking through my stash I feel very uninspired to sew anything. I've been flicking through magazines I bought, looking for new ideas...but the will to try any of them out just isn't there.

The weather has been very humid here, which hasn't helped much. Sewing in humid weather blah!

Yesterday at the park was a fun day. Despite the random showers everyone had a good time. My Mother got some Frisbee throwing lessons from my Uncle...There was random dancing 'Candy' and  'the Cha Cha Slide'. Volley ball games- who says you need a beach to play it! Various games of badminton. Food that thanks to the awesome weather, became fridge cold in minutes!
We did stop on the way home to get some HOT chicken and chips =D

I lazily got some hand quilting done. I was sewing much slower than usual and took many breaks as I began to lose the will to continue on with it.

I have one more triangle on that row to complete, then a whole other row...this quilt may take some time to finish. Luckily the binding is made so I don't have to worry about that....

That's all from me today

Siya'll tomorrow! =D


  1. Here's hoping your mojo comes back soon!

  2. Cherie........maybe you just need a little time with that book you were reading.....or another? anyone who has been sewing and creating as much as you is entitled to a little time off once in awhile.........The mojo will come back...not to worry........

  3. When my mojo goes missing I browse blogs and Pinterest to get visually inspired and then just sew with scraps or make myself keep working on a project. "Get back on the horse" so to speak ;)

  4. oh your hand quilting is looking lovely!!! gorgeous colours when my mojo goes I browse books and just take a total break. It comes back soon enough and especially if I decide I am making something for myself! x


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