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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Still so charming!

I've been scouring the net for websites that have great bundle deals. I've found some really good ones that have a range of prints over different colours. Some that have colour bundles with different prints in each. Plus a few with stash builder bundles.
I couldn't believe when I looked through my stash and found I only have 2 purple prints! I also need to get some other colours...So much for the fabric ban, but you really cant make rainbow themed items without the full set.
Pink Chalk Fabrics have some really great bundles in different colourways, with very few prints in each being the same. I may get a few of theses to build some colour groups up.

I got more charms cut today from the ones In my FQ boxes.

The scraps from the ones I've cut! Some were just under 5" I was not amused!

The piles with newly added charms..The blue and green have the largest piles..don't quite know how that happened.

I pulled these prints, which are F8ths I'm thinking of getting some more of them too to build up my charm colours...I'll just have a load of 4" squares too. Buying from SurlySheep, the owner Brooke was very helpful the last time when I asked for fewer aqua prints as I had so many already.

These are fabrics I'm thinking of using...well some depending which ones my partner chooses. For the Modernista Swap She said she like pink and green as a colour combo, so hoping she likes at least a few of these prints.

I got some more hand quilting done on the last charm quilt too...only forgot to take a picture as Mother an I were battling with the oven...I'm really hoping we get a new one! They are coming on Tuesday to see if they can fix it.

Tomorrow we're off to London for a Family 'Party in the Park' only with the current weather, I doubt the park bit will be involved.

Depending what time we get back I may have some news to share. Until then

Siya'll Later =D