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Friday, 22 June 2012

Charmed I'm sure!

This morning I had the intentions of getting some sewing done. However today turned out differently.

In the mail I got my parcel from Karen thanks to the RATZ Swap. This months item was magnets

 How cute is that apple!!! She also sent a cool badge, which can join the ones on my bag.

 I was then called by Father to go shopping for ingredients to make his family famous (and my most favourite dessert in the world!) Sweet potato pudding!!
We went full circle around the aisles as he forgot to pick some things up, or saw he need some more..Men! My job was to peel the potatoes, grater the nutmeg..grease the tins/dishes help him check them as we have to wedge our cooker so the gas stays on! (They are coming to look at is next Tuesday..we have had this problem many times thinks we should just get a new one!!)

After that I went to cut my stack of fabrics. Just a 5" strip off each piece...some I left to one side as the pattern wasn't for charm cutting! A good 40+ fabrics in the stack. Whilst making dinner I got them cut and ironed.

These are ones I have cut already in a box....Oddly I have no purple fabrics save the solid print. Very few pinks, reds and oranges...I may have to break my fabric ban to get can't make a rainbow quilt with 3 out of 7 colours......
I'm think fabric bundles...if anyone knows any good sites for colour based bundles please post a link with your comment. Thanks!

A slow, but long day! I still have those strips to cut into charms..*_*

Siya'll tomorrow


  1. I'm loving your rainbow charms. You should check out Etsy for some rainbow bundles... you might even find some charm packs that fit your needs there.

  2. The magnets are cute! Try Pink Chalk Fabric, I think they do colour coordinated stash buster packs x

  3. And this too:

  4. You are just a busy person. I love all the projects you do!

  5. cutting up charms is a very theraputic thing, I think. And they look great all sat there ready to be used!

  6. Lots of lovely squares! You have a pattern planned for that rainbow quilt?


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