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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hand sewn items!

Poor Jano hasn't been used for almost 2 weeks now! Or maybe it's been longer...Remind me to give him a big hug!
I did a minimal amount of sewing today. Finishing off that row on the last charm quilt, one down one to go.

Then I pulled out my hexies and broke down the rows into pairs using my trusty seam ripper. (I should really get a photo of it..) I'll be turning them into flowers as well as fishing out my other templates to make some more.  I had to re-press them as they were peeling from the paper! (my fault for storing them so roughly!)

Next week however I start on a voluntary work placement course...the good thing is its a stones throw from where I live, the bad thing is its 10-5 which means most of my sewing day will be gone! I'll be there for the next 4 weeks. I'll try to fit some sewing in before dinner as I have some fun new projects lined up.

My first fabric order has been shipped I'm just waiting for the postman to ring the doorbell when it arrives! I got 50+ F8s from Surly Sheep she's also on Flickr, you can choose from fabrics to make your own custom bundle. I choose some colour wheel prints as well as some neutrals.
I'm thinking of ordering some random F8 bundles from Pink Castle Fabrics to boost my stash without going overboard...FQs are a thing of the past LOL!
Which reminds me I need to chop down the scraps I have..I can use them for more hexies!!

Siya'll tomorrow


  1. maybe Jano will behave better now that he has seen he can be replaced by a handsewing needle :)

  2. I love those hexies - the prints are so fun and cheerful! I know you'll miss your sewing time, but are you looking forward to your course next week?

  3. Wow, you are going to be busy for the next month! Thanks for another link. These places have great fabrics and prices. Those hexies should make interesting flowers.


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