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Thursday, 5 July 2012

To Market to Market to buy some fabric

Home again home again jiggety jig!

This morning Father took the Older Giant and I down to Milton Keynes. They have a cool market down there still, but we were shocked to see a lot of the shops had closed down! Walking round the market we stumbled on a fabric stall where I bought some solids in rainbow colours just £1.50 per meter!!

We went into the shopping center for a bit, but it was like a ghost town! It's usually fairly busy....mind you we haven't been since before Christmas so a lot has changed.
Going back around the market I picked up some awesome buttons from a haberdashery stall perfect to go in the center of my fabric flowers

 I decided to make the flowers into brooches so I made some backings for them first using felt and some safety pins. I stuck them down with some all purpose glue as the fabric glue would not cooperate!

Once the backs had dried enough I stuck on the buttons a dot in the center of each flower then I put glue around the entire backs of each button to stick them in. The buttons have such a great variety of styles and sizes!

I left the flowers to dry properly by the window and got on with some hexies. I made some into a row of three and left the rest as pairs. I have enough to make 7 flowers at the moment. I'll need to print off some more templates. Mine are 1" across the tops an 2" through the center.

In the end I did order those fabrics from Pink Castle Fabrics. They are random prints so it'll be a mystery which fabrics I get. Gotta love surprises!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Cherie you are so lucky to have gotten all that fabric!! But most of all I love the flowers with the buttons, oh my I want to make some:)

  2. Yes, what a great find that fabric and the buttons! The brooches look great.

  3. Score on the solids!! By the way, I sent fabric on Wednesday so it's on its way!

  4. Beautiful flowers! I love the buttons. They're great brooches.

  5. Wow, what a deal on those fabrics, and the buttons are terrific, too. I love the flowers you made with them! Is that for a Christmas boutique?


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